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  • Parents’ Montessori Activities

    A variety of events, lectures, orientations and workshops are offered for the parents to learn how to apply the “Montessori spirit” at home and in your family life.

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  • Pony Trip

    The Pony Club welcomes our children in June each year for a week of discovery. In the company of our teachers and the club counsellors. The children learn proper…

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  • Ski Week

    Once a year a group of children travel by train to the Alps to experience a week of ski and winter fun! Accompanied by our Montessori teachers and ESF…

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  • Start Code in Early Age

    Children today are learning to interface with technology at younger ages, but they are still rarely prompted to think about where the applications they use come from. Coding and…

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  • Summer Club

    Each July the School organizes a month of activities in English and in French for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years.Our educators and assistants engage the…

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  • The Toddler Community

    (2 to 3 year olds) While respecting individual personalities, the focus at this stage of development is on cultivating basic motor coordination, independence, and language development, in a nurturing,…

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  • Training & AMI Diplomas

    AMI Training Programs

    All training courses and training centers are staffed by highly qualified AMI teacher trainers supported by a pedagogical team of experienced advisors to ensure that the objectives…

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